Basic Text Field

Create a basic text field in the form below. Remember, you will need two attributes. Don't worry about creating the label or its related attributes.

Hint: Use the name: name.

Placeholder Text

Add placeholder text to indicate where and how the user should add input. Make that text say First and Last Name.

Hint: Write the placeholder attribute last.

Labels for Fields

There's an important attribute missing from one of the elements in the code provided. Add the missing attribute.

Select Options

In the provided select field, we don't want the user to be able to actually choose the first option that says "Choose One". Add the correct code to the first option to:

  1. Prevent it from being selected
  2. Prevent it from showing in the dropdown
  3. Always show by default

Hint: Write the code in the order specified.

Submit Text

Change the text in the submit button to say Sign Up.

Basic Validation

In the form below, add the information that will show the user an error if the email and password fields are not filled out.

Hint: Add the new code last for each field.

What element creates a large multi-line text field?

True or False: The input element requires a closing tag

What is the purpose of the action attribute?

In the code below, what should the value of id be?