Write the very first line of code that every HTML document should have.

Now add the element that is the container for everything in an HTML document. Be sure to include any necessary attributes.

True or False: The doctype is the only tag that can exist outside the html tags.

Add the first element that goes directly inside the html element, right after the opening tag.

This is the element that contains information that isn't shown to the user and is for the browser's use only.

Now add the element that goes right after the head element.

This is the element that contains everything the user will see.

Carefully look over the HTML provided and add any missing or incomplete skeleton code.

True or False: Information placed inside the head tags are displayed in the browser window.

Where is the text in the title element displayed?

Which skeleton code helps control the layout of a web page on mobile devices?

True or False: The body element contains all of the content that is displayed on the web page itself.